..To me, these words are my reality and the notes that represent my life.  They are my journey through depression, anger, and love...Cindy Darkheart

Cindy Darkheart's  Poetry Concerto No. 1
Dark Sad Poetry for Lost Souls
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Love Poetry ?
Desolation Desert

She had been on this journey
as far back as she could remember
Trekking through the nothingness
That was her self-worth

A malnourished soul
an unquenchable thirst
A desire for more  than tears
Is life or death worse

A nomad in her mind
A loner to the world
No matter  the years
A little lost girl    

All content copyright~Cynthia B.~Darkheart's Poetry Concerto No. 1
DaRk HaiKus

What is in a tear
Sorrow relief joy pain salt
So small yet  heavy
Fall is a gray day
Sunshine skewed with much sorrow
Cold inside and out
Dandelion joy
A summer simple pleasure
Float without a care
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A baby is hope
That the world will be better
But it never is
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Spilled words splash onto paper
In poems that store my plentiful screams
Spat out of necessity or insanity
Beat tears that splash into my gin